Webinar on the institutionalization of farmers' field schools in West and Central Africa


19 July 2022




Tiko Hema (FAO)

Regional Network of RWH in West and Central Africa - R-CEP-AOC:

The potential long-term success and sustainability of farmer field school program outcomes are strongly influenced by a sense of ownership among the parties involved at different levels, both locally and nationally. Creating an enabling environment for institutional support is essential to scale up efforts, improve quality, and enhance impact and continuity. 

 In West and Central Africa, there are different experiences with the institutionalization of RWH by both governments and civil society organizations. 

 The main objective of the webinar is to promote the institutionalization of RWH through the sharing of lessons learned from different experiences of ownership and scaling up of farmer field schools by governments and other rural development actors in West and Central Africa.

Note: This webinar is being offered exclusively in French.

Link: https://fao.zoom.us/j/91207146520

Password: 22448418


08:00 –08:05

Introductory remarks by the moderator, Koko Nzeza

Opening Remarks by the Chair of the R-CEP-AOC, Mohamed Soumaré

08:05 –08:15

Sharing of the conclusions of the capitalization study on "Collective action, self-organization and the role of farmers' organizations in the scaling up and institutionalization of RWH, Fanny Grandval (IFAD)

08:15 –08:20

Presentation of the synthesis of the capitalization on the training curricula developed in the Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and Agropastoral Field Schools (AFS) networks in West Africa/Sahel, Bamby Sankhare

08:20 –08:40

Presentation of experiences and lessons learned from the institutionalization of PECs by civil society organizations - Case of the Union Niètaa de Bla (Mali), Gaoussou Coulibaly - Case of the NGO CADIM (DRC), Alphonse Nkoba

08:40 –08:50

Discussion Session: Questions & Answers

08:50 –09:10

Presentation of experiences and lessons learned from the institutionalization of PEC by governments: - Case of the Ministry of Agriculture in Burkina Faso, Daouda Zongo ** - Case of the Ministry of Agriculture in Niger, **Ibrahima Doubou

09:10 – 09:20

Discussion Session: Questions & Answers


Panel on challenges, enablers of POC institutionalization and recommendations - Panellists:

  • Makhfousse Sarr (Senegal)
  • Bienvenu Ntsouanva (Congo)
  • Suzanne Philipps (FAO-HQ)

Closing remarks of the Global RWH Platform, Anne-Sophie Poisot

Webinar wrap-up and closing remarks, Koko Nzeza

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